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Starting my first candy business at the age of 12 was probably the first time I fully understood the power behind ownership. I wanted to buy myself things and have my own money. What I enjoyed most was the mastermind behind knowing about profits and losses. Yes, I was 12! I did test runs to see which candies would sell faster and how much I would make if I did specials. I knew what each bag cost me and how much I would make from each. From then, it was like I knew exactly what I was supposed to do.


Moving to Hawaii played a big part in my development. The island reminded me of my own home, Dominica - which was so refreshing. I started high-school and learned that they had a Business Career pathway program. At the time, it was only offered to the upperclassmen, and I was eager to get to the 11th grade. So, I started to participate in student government activities and eventually became a board member during my sophomore year and the first, black student body president in my senior year. Of course I had to find a way to make money. The candy business wasn't going to work the same in this setting because the locals ate so differently. This is where I birthed  "House of Stylez" a high-quality hair styling service and it grew, as I did, throughout high school. I attribute a lot of my leadership qualities to being guided so early on. Five years after graduation, I opened my first brick and mortar which was a salon! I went on to finish my degree in Business Administrative management with a focus on Interpersonal communications.


Fast forward 5 more years and here I am. I have been a realtor for some time now and it has been the driving force of my success. While I help new and past homeowners buy sell and invest, I am on a quest to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to build, start, fund and grow their businesses. I had to burst through many doors to get to this point and I'm willing to share. If purpose was easy, everyone would be walking in theirs. Behind the scenes, I have helped many startups from sole proprietorships and LLC's  to S-Corps and non-profits. I've even helped some of those clients acquire commercial space for their businesses and assisted them in the purchase of their beautiful homes. 


Being able to help others achieve their dreams is my ultimate reward!

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